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IT or Information Technology is a set of tools, processes, and methodologies (such as coding/programming, data communications, data conversion, storage and retrieval, systems analysis and design, systems control) and associated equipment employed to collect, process, and present information.
In broad terms, IT also includes office automation, multimedia, and telecommunications.(Read more:

My Twitter and IG accounts

The moment I wake-up, I instantly check my Facebook messenger for updates regarding our work schedule and activities; I usually scan for new e-mails afterwards. Of course, as a millennial, I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and some e-mail accounts. These social media have become part of my daily routine although I am not heavily into them unlike most of my peers.

I work as a content editor at Reed Elsevier Shared Services- Philippines (REPH). Our offices are located in the 2nd to 4th floor of Richmonde Tower in Iloilo Business Park. As an editor, part of my job is checking my business e-mails through Microsoft Outlook. Our task is to scan and read through PDF-converted SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) No-Action letters and tag the important details to be put up in our LexisNexis (Our Division under REPH) site. Our subscribers are mostly lawyers, law students, and other individuals who want to be updated on the latest SEC No-Action letters, cases, bulletins, staff letters, releases, and other SEC-related documents. The LexisNexis site is like the “Google” for lawyers. It has a very large data base for US legal data and we, editors, are mainly content contributors.

Microsoft Office is a huge part of our daily process. We utilize MS Excel for our production and process trackers, MS Word for composing letters and reports, MS PowerPoint for project presentations, and MS Outlook for the company e-mails. Nowadays, the ability to use Microsoft Office is considered an additional point for applicants because the software has become a significant tool for businesses.

Time management is also very necessary in our company – The leaders are particularly strict about tardiness and absences. We have online time record to easily keep track of our schedules and logs.


HRTeamware – our online logs and schedule manager

HRTeamware can be accessed through computers outside the company but employees can’t log in or out from non-company computers. Modification of logs and schedules is only possible with superior/leader approval.


Chrono tracker

When it comes to keeping tabs with our processes, we monitor each task duration through our Chrono tracker. It’s the company’s continuous improvement project that can be accessed through web browsers.

(left) a friend using his cellphone (right) a view from the SM South Point

IT is a very huge part of my daily life. The moment I wake up, during work, free time, and when I surf the net before sleeping – everything in this modern time can be associated with Information Technology.

Schools, business institutions, government offices, and other establishments or organizations have long since embraced IT and modernization although the level may vary for each.

The world is constantly changing and with the 21st century technological advancements, it is apparent that the the society is paving road for more developments. Tradition is good because it keeps our identity in check but with the ever evolving life style of the people, it is safe to be comfortable with the modern ways and offerings of life.

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