Sharing this post for a meaningful cause. Help the dogs live longer and find loving homes.


The Iloilo City Veterinary Office is currently on a campaign to capture all dogs straying on the streets and public areas, whether or not they have owners. They give these dogs at least 3 days to be claimed back by their owners/adopted by those who are interested in giving them a new home and welcoming them into their families. Otherwise, they will be put to sleep a.k.a euthanized, killed “legally” or whatever they call it – a price they have to pay for the irresponsibility of their former owners. That is why it is important to spay or neuter your pets especially if you can’t handle more of them in your household. Dogs are sentient beings, not toys. They shouldn’t be abandoned just because you don’t want them anymore. Owners ought to keep the commitment they’ve held from the moment they brought their pet home. They are family and can…

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