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Once upon a time, there was a kind 18-year-old girl (disclosure of identity is not allowed due to security and privacy reasons) who was loved by the animals, especially by two cute mice. When her father died, she was left with her step mom and step sisters who treated her like a slave but all is well since she had Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followers who encouraged her not to give up. There were some “bashers” (who were mostly her sisters’ cronies) but all she had to do was report and block their accounts so she was all fine.

One day, her step mom and step sisters went to the local ball sponsored by the mayor to celebrate his son’s 21st birthday and of course, she was left behind. Her followers, having watched her Facebook live, united and decided to send her a parcel. When it was delivered an hour after, she found a pretty two-piece purple Sherri Hill dress.The girl excitedly wore the dress together with her late mother’s glittery wedge shoes and gatecrashed the party.


Summer wedge jelly shoes via AliExpress © 2010-2017

In the middle of the mayor’s opening speech which was mainly about the success of his casino project and the impact of free Zumba to the health of the senior citizens, she arrived and instantly won the heart of the son because of her exposed belly button captivating smile. Unfortunately, the dress was just rent-per-hour so she had to send it back before midnight. In a hurry so as to not pay the overtime penalty, she tripped and unknowingly left a shoe (she was very stressed). The next day, the mayor’s son posted a picture of the shoe on his various social media accounts, asking for the girl’s identity.  The post quickly went viral and the girl was able to see it. Since the shoes were customized and had a unique mark, she was able to successfully identify herself and they lived happily… for approximately 6 months. They broke up due to third-party and conflicting principles. Anyway, the girl was pretty broke so she auctioned the glittery shoes on eBay. The end.

Based from the “unique” story above, the followers were able to send the girl  a rent-per-hour Sherri Hill dress through an available online dress rental shop. All they needed was a credit card or a PayPal account. And at the end of the very brief story, the girl sold the shoes on eBay since she needed the money.


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Online shopping and selling is now considered very common. You can order a box of pizza with free delivery in just a few clicks and pay through an online payment intermediary. If you don’t have an online payment account, some shops offer cash on delivery, especially restaurants or fast food chains. Doing your groceries is also possible without lifting a foot all thanks to online grocery stores. Everything you can imagine is available to order online.

So why is the online shopping market becoming larger and larger every year?

  1. Convenience is the top reason for online shopping. Before, we make our grocery list, go to the market or grocery, get a shopping cart, fill it with items on the list, fall in line and pay at the counter. Sounds simple enough but this cannot beat sitting on your favorite chair with a cold soda on hand and clicking the grocery items away.
  2. Privacy is important for people who do not like mingling with other shoppers or just do not like crowds. Period. There are also times when others would like to have anonymity especially when they do not want others to see them buying certain items.
  3. Wide choices is available when shopping online. One online shop can offer a product in different brands, colors, and/or sizes. You can also see if the item is not available on stock and its available substitutes.
  4. Better prices can be achieved through online shops. There are often promos and sales online especially during special seasons  such as summer and Christmas. The prices are also usually lower than distributor or retail store prices because there are no added costs except to the shipping fee if applicable.
  5. Fewer expenses in online shopping is very attractive since unlike in actual shopping, there is no need to pay for fare or gasoline just to get to the place, and you do not have to spend on food and drinks as sustenance after a tiring shopping.
  6. Easier comparison of prices is possible when purchasing online because you just have to access and open separate tabs for different websites unlike in actual shopping which takes time and energy just to compare prices.
  7. Less stress is the best reason because you no longer have to encounter traffic, rude sales clerks, noise and air pollution, incur extra expenses, become hungry, and have tired feet.

Although convenience is the most common reason for online shopping, sometimes you can also experience various hassles such as the need to get a credit card or online payment account such as PayPal if you do not have them yet. Defects or damages cannot be avoided as well especially for products shipped from abroad. No matter how many times they have undergone quality check in the factory, the way to your home is very crucial so when things happen resulting to major or minor damages you will have to ask for either  a refund or have it changed which will take another shipping period.

Others also feel uncomfortable with online payment and even though some online shopping companies offer cash on delivery payment method, most sites do not. Information theft is very rampant with online transactions so it is understandable for some people to feel extra suspicious. Also it is highly possible to get a wrong fit or a disappointing design when it comes to clothes and other apparels thus, these are better bought personally. The presence of bogus sellers who offer premium goods but will actually give you low quality products is also discouraging.

These are just some factors that make online shopping undesirable but it is up to the consumer whether to go with it or to abort transaction since the world is not just one side of a coin. There are advantages and there are most definitely disadvantages. You make your own decision.

Author’s  Personal Thoughts


Me, myself, and I via Pinterest (n.d.)

Products I won’t hesitate buying through the Internet:

  • limited edition products
  • Hard to find copy of  books by my favorite authors
  • Products, usually watches or gadgets, that are in huge sale
  • Good deals on local fast food chain or restaurants

All of these are actually conditional. I usually find huge discounts very attractive and limited products very desirable especially if they come with free items.

Products that I would want to think about before buying:

  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Clothes
  • Make-up or cosmetics

I prefer buying these products personally since I’m very particular with the size, fit, and quality of these items. I would only buy them if they are great deals or with huge discounts.

I will buy something that will make me think that the value of what I’m going to receive is worth or greater than what I paid for.

Products that I will never buy through the Internet:

  • Medicines
  • Lotions
  • Expensive Jewelries

These are things that I would really buy personally. I would never consume medicines from unknown or unverified sources. In addition, I do not trust online transactions when it comes to medicines . As for the lotion, I’m fine with the ones that my aunt gives me since she bought them herself but I am not fine with internet bought ones. As for the expensive jewelries, although I am not really into them, I am just not prepared to risk huge amount for an online transaction.

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Online Shopping. (2015). Kiambu Blog. Retrieved July 3, 2017 from


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