Human beings are just so creative and innovative. They always find ways to solve problems and tweak them for improvement. Sometimes they are just too good in doing their stuffs that they tend to develop things that will later on become a catalyst for a very technologically advanced era.

Take Mark Zuckerbergfor example. According to an article by, the real story behind the founding of the social media giant, Facebook, lies within the birth of a small tool called Coursematch where people could list what classes they were taking as opposed to the “The Social Network” version wherein he was portrayed as the founder of the Facematch tool although he did build it as a prank. He was just an amid programmer who loved to develop useful programming tools.


a screen capture of a certain part of an interview with Mr. Zuckerberg as published in

No doubt, Facebook is the biggest among all global social media as of this moment. It has become the most used platform for social connection and marketing promotions.

Ten of the 20 most popular social media sites in 2016 are:

  1. Facebook– the undisputed champion among social media sites in terms of number of users and customer awareness
  2. Twitter- has the biggest number of users next to Facebook.
  3. LinkedIn– a social media platform for professionals
  4. Google+– the social media choice for google users
  5. YouTube– a video sharing site that is widely popular
  6. Pinterest– makes it possible to pin chosen contents through its virtual bulletin boards
  7. Instagram– a social media site that brings the photographer in its users by letting them post their own captured photos or repost interesting pictures
  8. Tumblr– allows several different post formats, including quote posts, chat posts, video and photo posts as well as audio posts
  9. Reddit– a social news and entertainment networking website where registered users can submit content such as direct links and text posts
  10. Snapchat– an image messaging application software product

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Social media is a huge part of today’s generation. Personally me, as a member of the Generation Y (those who were born between 1980’s and the year 2000), used to be very active in social media but the fad has dwindled for me thus, I am not that active any more. These days, I only check my Facebook account for notifications and the FB Messenger to check messages. I’m a bit active on Instagram but not to the point that I get so into it. I have Twitter and Snapchat accounts but I rarely open them. I have other social media accounts but I don’t open most of them.

Personally, social media have been very useful for me, especially Facebook and Facebook Messenger [and I enjoy Instagram and YouTube]. When I was still in college, we often make FB (Facebook) groups so that it will be easier for us to share information and distribute group works. FB Messenger has been our means of communication when there are group activities, meetings, and updates. Facebook is also the best way to connect with people especially with relatives abroad and long-lost relatives (my family was able to trace our family tree via FB).


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Through personal experience, I can also certify that it is best to advertise via social media since there’s a LOT of social media users. Just about three weeks or so ago, I posted a picture, through FB Messenger’s “My Day”, of a certain book that I badly needed and barely a week after, I was able to buy a second-hand copy in good condition thanks to a college friend who saw my post.

Browsing through social media articles and posts is also a source of entertainment and information for me. BuzzFeed and 9gag are some of my favorites when it comes to entertainment and for information, there are news providers such as ABS-CBN and GMA news for local and CNN for international.

As a professional, social media has been a life saver when it comes to information dissemination and photo sharing. Our team has a group in FB Messenger so it’s easy for us to talk about work-related things such as reminders and announcements. We also often do meetings with the use of FB Messenger especially when we’re off the office and there’s something urgent that needs to be discussed. Sometimes we also create events in our group chat so that our members can easily inform the team if they are going or not as there are options like “going”, “not going”, and “maybe” in the event feature of FB Messenger.

It is amusing to think that when I first joined the social media world almost 10 years ago, I thought the more connections/followers/subscribers/friends you have, the better and that a lot of likes will make you feel popular but since college, I found out that it is not like that. Strangers sending you creepy messages and the feeling that they see all of your posts are not nice at all. I got rid of those that I only added for games and set everything privately so that those outside of my circle won’t be able to see my information and posts. I din’t like it when strangers comment in my posts that’s when I realized that public profile is not my thing.


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I have noticed a lot of people posting personal matters or issues and ranting about how life sucks in general and I didn’t like it so I unfollowed them. I started to value discretion especially when I see people posting every minute of their lives and even some online bullying. I thought, “How come these people are so irresponsible?”. I don’t support such acts so I quickly lost interest especially in Facebook. But then again, thanks to social media, I learned the value of privacy and sensitivity. I decided that the number of online friends does not reflect who you are. In fact, it is safest that you know most if not everyone of your audience or viewers ― the smaller number of connections, the better.

For professionals, it is better that you keep your account… professional (or mayber you can just create a separate personal account). Why? So that your account will look good when someone within your professional circle sees it. It won’t be good when you fail your job interview because of your Facebook profile.


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Social media sure are very useful platforms for us but some become too deep into them that they tend to obsess over their social media accounts. Some can’t even get through a day without updating or browsing their feeds. Others turn their accounts into their personal diary but of course there are those who just love to see thousands of likes in their posts.

Anyway, to set as difference here are my personal commitment statements on the responsible use of social media:

4-14-2017 5-01-55 AM

Make yours as well and be sure to that you would be able to fulfill them *winks*


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