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As what I kept on reiterating in every blog post I have written, IT (information technology) is unquestionably a very huge and essential part of this generation to a point that it has become a commodity, one that we cannot live without.

At this very moment that I am typing these words, IT is present. We have become used to the internet, online transactions, computerized systems, organizing and processing with the power of technological knowledge, cyber intelligence, and so on. Undoubtedly, we are in a state of dependence to IT that a slight crevasse brought by its temporary absence will definitely leave us in a stand still. Gone were the days that we’ve lived without internet, or processed documents manually — We are currently in the time wherein technology is at the utmost core of most if not every industry.

BUT of course, same with everything else in this universe, there are precautions that should be understood and followed. IT, with its advent, has brought with it great magnitude of knowledge and capability to simplify things. Together with them are the unending problems that range from harmless to disastrous. Some Individuals and entities have also found an avenue to spread their vile intentions through IT. Thefts, frauds, virus, unrestricted entries, violations, and other forms of harmful deeds experienced by so many are becoming worse as time goes by. We can no longer contain some of these crimes but as citizens who can make a change, we have to do our part. Responsibility is the top priority and determination to succeed is the catalyst whereas sympathy, sensibility, and awareness are the greatest weapons.

So does IT matter?


Beyond Critical Thinking via The Chronicle of Higher Education © 2017

We all know the answer.

For me who works for an organization that perfectly understands how valuable IT is (since IT is involved in almost every process, service, and product), I say… absolutely YES! On top of my desk at work is a dual monitor PC which allows me to do my job effectively and efficiently. Everything from the internet to our online production tools were designed to speed up tasks and processes.

Our organization is heavily invested in information technology. Our company is powered by trust worthy energy generators that can sufficiently assist the whole company, especially the production floors, whenever there is power shortage. High-tech gadgets, processes, security tools, machines, as well as continuous trainings and opportunities and so on are enjoyed by the employees and staffs.  This grand investment is evident in our success and excellent performance.

The company is especially particular with its employees’ idea contribution in connection with how to further develop our workstream, environment, and morale. This in effect hones us, the employees, to become more innovative and critical with our mindset and actions.

When my work for the day has been concluded, I return to the comfort of my personal cocoon. At home, IT is ever felt. I have two smart phones, a tablet that switches to a notebook computer, and other gadgets that make my life easier and well entertained but the important thing is that I don’t allow them to drown me so deep that social connections are only available online and shopping is strictly without human contact.


Dreams via Novel Women (n.d.)

IT has been a part of my professional development amidst sweet success, realizations, and painful reminders. Before, I see it as is. A part of my reality; something that is existing. But right now, although I’ve known its uses and benefits because we were taught at school, I can see IT as a star on a special spotlight. A celebrity that is very famous and a pro when it comes to its expertise but is also often immersed in various scandals. I am still undergoing an elaborate professional transformation and so is information technology. I’d like to think that someday, I will be able to reach the peak but I know that no matter how much I move from my original spot, the top will just grow with every step I make since humans are naturally insatiable. So instead, I swear that I will live my life to the fullest (responsibly of course), and reach every dream I can think of.

A beautiful day indeed.

Une Belle Journée, signing off.

 A Day Made of Glass — Corning’s Vision for the Future

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