Information Technology Takes the Spotlight

"...I can see IT as a star on a special spotlight. A celebrity that is so famous and a pro when it comes to its job but is also often emerged in various scandals."


Social Life Inside the Screen

Human beings are just so creative and innovative. They always find ways to solve problems and tweak them for improvement. Sometimes they are just too good in doing their stuffs that they tend to develop things that will later on become a catalyst for a very technologically advanced era.

The Voyage of Software Pirates

The online world has now become practically like the real world especially in terms of product availability. One does not have to go to music stores just to purchase a copy of Taylor Swift's or Ed Sheeran's new album since there is now iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, Spinnr, and other online platforms that serve as streaming portals or digital music shops. These are good since they are all legal but of course, there are some (okay, a LOT) that choose unethical and even illegal means to obtain these copies.

Share Your Thoughts: Knowledge Management

Knowledge via The Biz Knows (n.d.) Knowledge may be in a form of understanding, some personal or acquired know-hows, past experiences, information that you have learned at school or just the stocked data inside your brain. Each person's knowledge may be unique in a sense that each of us encounters various experiences or are skilled in different fields. In organizations nowadays, gathering significant information or data is a top priority especially to those organizations that are heavily invested on database and information warehouse. When you have the knowledge at your disposal, the biggest problem is how to effectively manage it so that it would be properly utilized and not get wasted. If you have the knowledge, make the most out of it.

Online Shopping…Yes? No?

Once upon a time, there was a kind 18-year-old girl (disclosure of identity is not allowed due to security and privacy reasons) who was loved by the animals, especially by two cute mice. When her father died, she was left with her step mom and step sisters who treated her like a slave but all is well since she had Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followers who encouraged her not to give up. There were some "bashers" (who were mostly her sisters' cronies) but all she had to do was report and block their accounts so she was all fine.

The Era of Wireless Network Technology

This technologically advanced age has made it possible for people to talk and see each other no matter how far apart they are. Gone were the times when people used to send messages though "snail mails" because there are now several messaging applications and  platforms that work as if you are talking side by side.…Read more The Era of Wireless Network Technology